About Harriet

From the time I could read with comfort, books were among my favorite companions. I read everything, good, bad, and whatever is in between. When I was in the middle of a book, I wasn’t comfortable unless I had another one to start when I finished the first. To this day, I carry a book with me should I have to wait somewhere, in a car, in an office, etc.

Writing is an obvious occupation for a story lover, and was for me. I’ve written twelve books for children and young adults, and with my husband, co-authored two books for adults. Macmillan and Putnam published the majority of the books. Leading writing workshops, which I still do, was a natural outgrowth of my work as a writer.

Ten years ago, I began to lead book discussions for private book clubs and for the Scarsdale Adult School. I love what I do. What could be better than selecting books, particularly those from other cultures and countries, reading them, researching them, and then, in a relaxed atmosphere discovering how a thoughtful group of readers respond to them?

Each book we have discussed has historic, cultural, and geographic material on this Web site.

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